Virtual Reality Consumer Use Cases

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two of the hot topics of 2016 and they’ll still be very hot in 2017.  We started to see some B2C and B2B examples in both domains. There are unlimited number of use cases but i’ll give you some ideas for B2C.

Social experiences are game changers, so it’s a good idea to let people socialize more using these technologies. Think about meeting with friends in a virtual cafe, talking with them, like in Second Life but with virtual reality. Let’s move one step further, meet with your friends or family in virtual environments, share experiences, watch the same TV show or listen to the same music in the virtual environment. One more step further, go to a virtual club, and dance with them.  Or join a virtual training and learn Turkish Paper Marbling. Or why not to build a speed dating virtual room where people who like each other in Tinder meet?

I believe virtual reality use cases will not be tied to applications in the future, there will be dedicated marketplaces like App Store or Google Play where we’ll purchase worlds, stages or locations instead of applications. Now is a good time to lay the foundation for a virtual reality marketplace.


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